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Prophet Gear was founded by  Ken Huizenga and Jerry Higgins in 1980.  With the humble beginnings of a few machines and a one-room facility, the company has steadily grown and expanded to it's current 22,000 square foot facility.  This growth is the result of a commitment to providing high-quality products at a very reasonable cost.  A caring, skilled staff with a belief in these core values is at the forefront of this success.  Current owners Jason Robinson and Tom Green purchased the company in 2018 and look to build on the foundation laid by Ken and Jerry.  In 2019, Prophet Gear acquired Quality Machining of Lyndon, IL and welcomed Gary Port and his team on staff.  These machines, along with a brand new Okuma lathe with 12' bar feeder, will dramatically increase Prophet Gear's blanking abilities. Expanded capacities and capabilities with improved quality and timely delivery are the core focuses for the coming years.  Prophet Gear customers run the gambit of large, heavy industry corporations to small start-up companies.  Our gears can be found in heavy machinery, vehicles, tools, motors, printing presses, money counting machines, automatic door openers, vending machines and much, much more.  So diverse is our customer list, the odds are very good that you have at some point used products containing our gears.  Prophet Gear is also very committed to customer service.  We maintain strong relationships with customer engineering and assembly staff to insure that the gears we provide are the ideal fit, finish, and quality to ensure the final product is exactly what consumers want. We hope to be your total source gear manufacturer!    


Our ever growing compliment of precision gear manufacturing  and gear hobbing machines includes the following:

- Nearly 80 Gear Hobbing machines and shapers including Barber Colman, Fellows, and Pratt and Whitney

-3 CNC Lathes including Okuma, Leadwel, and Ikegai

-5 Brown and Sharp Screw machines

-Over a dozen Drilling and Tapping machines from Leland Gifford, Delta, Walker Turner, Jarvis, Enco, and Du More

-Nearly a dozen Gear Burring machines including Crozier, Dayton, Craftsman, and Schauer

- Mills from Brother (CNC), US Burke, Vernon, Rusnek, US Machine, and more

-A host of Lathes including Logan, South Bend, Elgin, and Hardinge

-3 Horizontal hones from Sunnen

-Countless Inspection Devices including ITW, Vari-Roll, BVR, Covel, Hemo, Brown and Sharpe, Starrett Jo, and Garnet, to name just a few 

-Miscellaneous machines such as Hydraulic Presses, Band Saws, Surface Grinders, Broach Machines, OD Grinders and Many more!




Prophet Gear is committed to environmentally responsible manufacturing. Whenever possible, we use materials with the lowest environmental impact available. We also strive to be in full compliance with all federal, state, and local laws concerning emmisions and pollution. Prophet Gear vigorously re-uses and recycles solvents, oils, packing materials, scrap materials, and other manufacturing by-products. Our policies also include active pursuit of energy conservation which lower our facilities usage of electricity, natural gas, and water. Prophet Gear continually strives for improvement in all areas of our environmental impact.


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